The latest in automated pallet storage and retrieval (AS/RS) systems


Bi-directional deep lane automated pallet storage

Energy efficient

  • Thermally stable Li Fe PO4  batteries for 1-2 shifts
  • Super capacitors for 24hr operations
  • Automatic charging


The Omni-Mole System

Do you require a SOLUTION that adapts as your business changes?

An automated bi-directional, cart-based, high-density, deep lane storage, palletized load, “Lift- & Run” system, which provides flexible throughput together with ultimate scalability.

The Omni-Mole™ is the next generation of our well established, reliable Pallet Mole™, a semi- automated pallet storage platform. The Omni-Mole™ solution realizes shuttle translation on a 2-dimensional plane as opposed to a 1-dimensional line, achieved by the Pallet Mole™. Vertical transfer of pallets are achieved through our vertical transfer unit (VTU), allowing pallets to reach any location, within a multi-level, high-density racking system. The solution is crisp and allows for expansion through interfacing conveyors and automated guided conveyor (AGC).

Industry-Leading Features

  • Simplified Technology
  • Configurable to any building
  • Maximizes space utilization
  • Flexible throughput capability
  • Highly reliable
  • Easy to maintain
  • High parallel redundancy

System Overview



  • New type of AS/RS technology in warehouse automation
  • Warehouse space optimization by means of high density storing
  • Flexibility for a growing business 
  • Saving time by parallel processing of storage and retrieval
  • Less product damages because of automated pallet storage and less manual handling
  • Cost savings on maintenance 
  • Less labor intensive